Recovered Plastic

PGP Polymer procures consistent supply of recyclables and offer consistent feedstock to our clients worldwide as well as our own factories. PGP Polymer specialises in value-added waste products that have gone through vigorous sorting processes by polymer type and colour, removing contaminants such as paper and plastic bags, using optical sorting technology TiTech - so sophisicated that it is able to divide HOPE and PET by colour into natural, blue, green and mixed.

The technology analyses all plastics with a fast-moving scaninng sensor fitted over the conveyor belt, which identifies materials, shapes, textures and colours as well as the object position in a split second. Once the relevant TiTech has defined the plastic's polymer type or colour, the plastic is blown onto the appropriate conveyor in a second transport system using high power air jets, while the non-plastic waste is delivered to a third belt for further sorting. The end product, having been sorted by colour and type, is rebaled. We offer the following waste products:

Plastic :
  • HDPE Baled Bottles.
  • PET Baled Bottles.
  • Mixed Plastic.
  • Other enginering plastic wastes such as PMMA, PA, PS, etc.
Paper :
  • Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC).
  • SWL (Sorted White Ledger).
  • Mixed Paper.
Glass :
  • Flint.
  • Mixed Colour.
Alumunium Cans