PGP Polymer

PGP Polymer - Solo

The company specializes in Polyethylene recycling with an annual capacity of 12,000 MT.

It has its own technologically advanced Polyolefin wash plants, providing high automation and superior cleaning. The washing plants demonstrate the company’s sustainable commitment to protecting the environment through the use of a high-tech integrated water treatment plant. The waste water from the washing process is filtered and purified in order to be continually used in the washing process.

Extrusion Repelletizing lines of the company have a total output capability of 1,500 kg per hour and produce a range of reprocessed High Density Polyethylene and Low Density Polyethylene recycled granules, then used in various applications such as Extrusion, Blow Molding and Injection Molding.

PGP Polymer - Sukoharjo

The company focuses on environmentally friendly plastic packaging/bag industry made from Polypropylene (PP) with OPP, PP, PE, HD and CPP plastic materials.

The company has a vision to be the biggest and integrated player of environmentally friendly plastic packaging industry in Indonesia. It strives to achieve the best as well as ensures the growth in all business activities and customer satisfaction. The company also pays attention with environmental impacts, safety and employees’ welfare, as well as ensures that the company’s operations are professionally managed.

PGP Polymer - Cikande

The company produces granules in a number of different color ranges, depending on the market application and can also add master batch colorants to meet customer requirements.

PGP Polymer Ltd

Based in London, UK, PGP Polymer Ltd is a global player in the marketing of various recyclables to global industrial consumers.

PGP Polymer Ltd has purchase contracts with major waste collectors in OECD countries or the members of The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, among others, United Kingdom, Europe, Scandinavian Countries, United States, Australia and Japan. We also have a consistent source of raw materials to be produced at our own processing facilities. We work diligently with our supply sources and customers to manage the supply chain and to provide value-added services.

This saves time, money and ensures the highest quality of materials for our customers. We have a full service trading division that handles all types of plastics as well as other waste products. We consistently buy various commodities to trade and supply to manufacturers worldwide.