PGP Polymer has a range of reprocessed High Density Polyethlene and Low Density Polyethlene recycled granulates for use in various applications such as Extrusion, Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding. We also produce in a number of different colour ranges, depending on the market application. We can also add master batch colourants to meet customer requirements.

All our materials are from post consumer and post industrial plastics and are reprocessed to a high quality level using state-of-the-art plant and machinery.

Material can be tested for compliance and also to help in the development of new innovative materials. Polymers can typically be tested by the following methods:

Specific density:
  • Determines additivies used in the material and if it is possible for it to be recycled.

Infrared spectrophotometer (IR-analysis):
  • Analysis of colourants.

Melt Flow Index (MFI-):
  • Determines possible application of the material.

  • Tes quality of recyclate in particular visual properties and physical properties of film.